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    Boroughbridge Historical Society and the Battlefields Trust.

    We have today held a meeting with Linda from the Boroughbridge Historical Society and Louise from the Battlefields Trust to discuss all things relevant to Thomas of Lancaster with the 700th anniversary of his capture following the Battle of Boroughbridge on 16th March 1322 and his subsequent execution at Pontefract six days later, fast coming up. Boroughbridge Historical Society is holding a commemorative day this coming Saturday – 12th March – which will include two battlefield tours, so please go along if you can. The Battlefields Trust will also have a stand there for the day. You can visit both their websites from the links here.

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    Towton Battlefield Society

    Today we met with Chris and Richard from Towton Battlefield Society to discuss all things Wars of the Roses, with particular reference to the battles of Wakefield and Towton. This was a fantastic few hours and we would definitely recommend checking out their website or joining their society which undertakes a series of monthly talks and fascinating tours of the battlefield.

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    Tour Update

    In order to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the execution of Thomas Earl of Lancaster, we are delighted to announce that we will hopefully be delivering two tours on Saturday, 19th March at Pontefract Castle. Further details including how to book will be forthcoming shortly.

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    Matthew Lewis

    Thanks to historian Matthew Lewis for reviewing our site. Matthew, who is the author of such books as ‘Richard III – Loyalty Binds Me’ and Richard Duke of York – King by Right’ commented, “I have had a good root around the site and I think it looks great. There’s a lot of detail and nothing struck me as missing”.

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    Over 1000 events

    Over the past twelve months, we have added numerous events to the history of both Pontefract and Sandal Castles, their surroundings and people , which means we have now over 1,000 entries in total stretching over a thousand years.

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    Anthony Woodville’s body

    Danielle Burton has been in touch with us again. She would like to ascertain what exactly happened to Anthony Woodville’s body after his execution, as several theories have been put forward. If anyone has evidence about this event, could you please use the ‘Contact Us’ button to the right of this page.

    Danielle would welcome followers of her blog; the link is here:

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    Elizabeth Ashworth

    We have recently been in contact with Elizabeth Ashworth – author of historical fiction. Elizabeth commented that the website is ‘an amazing resource with lots of interesting information – it is good to see others spreading the knowledge of the de Lacy family’. Elizabeth has her own fascinating website with lots of information on the de Lacy family. You can find her website here at