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  • Individual & Small Group Tours

    We have today delivered our first individual/small group tour on the history of Pontefract Castle and some of the key events that happened there throughout the Medieval period, including John de Lacy & Magna Carta, Thomas of Lancaster, War of the Roses and Richard II. If you would like to join us on one of these tours/talks, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the front page of this website.

  • Matthew Lewis Talk

    On the 9th May we attended a fascinating talk given by historian Matthew Lewis at the Towton Battlefield Society meeting on ‘King Henry III – Son of Magna Carta”. The talk gave a brilliant insight into the life of this oft forgotten king who reigned for fifty-six years, the longest period of any English Medieval king, and who in Matthew’s words provided a ‘bridge between the chaos of the reign of his father, King John, and the order of his son who followed, King Edward I.

  • Meeting with Sharon Bennett Connolly

    Thanks to historian and author Sharon Bennett Connolly for meeting with us today and giving us a highly informative tour of Conisbrough Castle – home of the De Warenne’s who also built and owned Sandal Castle. Sharon is working on a new book on Nichola de la Haye who held Lincoln Castle for six weeks against the French in May 1217 until aided by William Marshall which ultimately led to the French defeat. Sharon will hopefully have another new book out in the next few months on ‘The Anarchy” of King Stephen’s reign, and we would heartily recommend getting hold of a copy when published.

  • Forthcoming meeting with Sharon Bennett Connolly

    On the 26th April we will once again be meeting with historian and author Sharon Bennett Connolly at Conisbrough Castle. Sharon recently published a book on the De Warenne’s – Earls of Surrey and owners of Sandal Castle – and is now working on a new biography of Nichola de la Haye, who held Lincoln Castle against the French in 2017.

  • Thomas of Lancaster Tour Reflections

    Following our highly successful 700th anniversary commemoration of the execution of Thomas of Lancaster, we are pleased to say that a synopsis of the tour is now available on this website. Please click on the ‘Talks and Tours’ link on the right of this page under Media Galleries. We are delighted to say that we are now working on a follow-up tour which will cover the ‘Life and Times of John De Lacy’, Baron of Pontefract and one of the lead protagonists in enacting Magna Carta in 1215. Watch this space for further information including date and times.