This Day in History: 1323-03-26

On 26th March 1323, Edward II was at Pontefract to witness the following:
‘The King has committed to Robert Lewer the custody of the manor of Hichille with appurtenances, in the county of Southampton, which belonged to John Giffard, his enemy and rebel, and which, by the forfeiture of the same, is in the King’s hands. To be held as long as it shall please the King, so that he shall answer to the King, in the King’s chamber, for the issues arising therefrom. In testimony whereof, etc. Witnessed by the King at Pontefract, on the 26th of March. By the King himself announced to Master Robert Baldock,
And it was ordered, that the Sheriff of Southampton should deliver to the said Robert, the aforesaid manor with appurtenances, to be kept in the form aforesaid. Witnessed by the King as above.’