This Day in History: 1484-06-15

In June 1484, probably whilst staying for prolonged periods at Pontefract Castle, Richard III visited Sandal and authorised the building of a new tower in the castle. He would later order the building of a new bakehouse and brewhouse. By this time, John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, and head of the Ducal Council of the North and, following the death of Richard’s son Edward in April 1484, Richard’s nominated heir apparent, was ordered to reside permanently at Sandal Castle, rather than one of Richard Neville’s other properties. Richard III had drawn up a series of ordinances for the household in the north at Sandal, which detailed ‘the hours of God’s service, diet, going to bed and rising, and also the shutting of the gates”. In terms of breakfast, Lincoln and Lord Morley would sit at one table, the Council of the North at another whilst the children (exactly who is open to question) were to ‘dine together at one breakfast’. Deliveries of wine, ale and bread were strictly controlled, with John de la Pole, whilst at Sandal, being treated like the king’s servant rather than his nominated heir.