This Day in History: 1318-08-07

On 7th August 1318, with Thomas of Lancaster , lord of Pontefract, and King Edward II having temporarily resolved their differences, somewhere between Loughborough and Leicester, those barons that had opposed Lancaster presented themselves before him and were ‘received into his grace’ – with a notable exception of John de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey and owner of Sandal Castle. It would appear that King Edward II abandoned John de Warenne in the interests of peace, leaving Lancaster to pursue his private feud with John, which had seen Lancaster’s wife Alice abducted by one St Richard de St Martin – a knight in John’s retinue, whilst Lancaster opposed John’s divorce from his wife Joan. The feud which had seen Lancaster capture John’s castles at Sandal and Conisbrough, would now see Lancaster hunt down John and imprison him at Pontefract Castle. John was forced to come to terms with Lancaster, coming to an agreement in 1319, which meant giving up most of his Yorkshire estates, including Sandal. King Edward II state that Lancaster could hold the estates during John’s lifetime, but they would revert to John’s heirs on his death. John also acknowledged that he owed Lancaster a debt of £50000, although none was ever collected.