This Day in History: 1454-06-03

Two letters to their father, Richard Duke of York,┬álord of Sandal, have been preserved. Edward and Edmund were 12 and 11 years respectively and in their first letter state: ‘We thanke your noblesse and good ffadurhod for our grene gownes nowe late sende unto us to our grete comfort: beseeching your good lordeship that we might have summe fyne bonetts sende un to us by the next sure messig, for necessitie so requireth.’
The second letter dated June 3rd 1454 says: ‘If it please your Highness to know of our welfare at the making of this letter, we were in good health of body thanked be God; beseeching your good and gracious fatherhood of your daily blessing. And where ye command us, by your said letters, to attend specially to our learning in our young age, please it your Highness to wit, that we have attended our learning since we came hither, and shall hereafter, by which we trust to God your gracious Lordship that it may please you to send us Harry Lovedeyne, clerk of your kitchen, whose service is to us right agreeable: and we will send you John Boys to wait on your good Lordship.’
A few years later at the Battle of Wakefield Edmund would be tragically killed aged only seventeen.