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    The de Lacy family were the original builders and owners of Pontefract Castle from 1070 when it was built as a timber motte and bailey castle by Ilbert de Lacy. In the 13th century John de Lacy was one of the principal Lords overseeing the signing of Magna Carta by King John. An upcoming tour on John de Lacy will tell the story of his life.

    Thomas of Lancaster was first cousin to King Edward II, but had a bitter dispute with him over the King’s proclivity for having favourites, like Piers Gaveston. Thomas’ wife Alice de Lacy was kidnapped by John de Warenne of Sandal Castle causing a feud between the two. After his death Thomas was viewed as a saint but is that the whole truth? Our upcoming tour on Thomas of Lancaster will explain more about his eventful life and death.

    The picture galleries have also been split into sections with short descriptive captions added to each. Pictures display in a lightbox to make browsing more mobile friendly. Pictures can also be flicked through and shared on social media.